Teach of Him Christmas Advent Digital PDF Book with FREE Advent Activity Guide & DIY daily ornaments


Bring the spirit of Christmas into your home with our beautifully curated advent book. Each day contains a new story of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Beautifully detailing His ministry upon the earth. It is an advent that both young and old will look forward to returning to year after year.

We also have added in a FREE Advent Activity Guide. Everyday there is a prompt of an activity for your family to enjoy to help them remember the stories they've heard.

And, also included, is a pdf with DIY ornament instructions. Create all the ornaments ahead of time for your family to hang them on the tree daily, or make each ornament on the day that you tell of the story.

You will receive the following DOWNLOADS:
1 PDF Advent Booklet with a daily story for the days December 1st-25th
1 PDF Advent page with daily activity prompts
1 PDF DIY Ornament Booklet with instructions and printables to make the story ornaments.